Case and Pack Handling Equipment

Once your product is packed, Alliance Industrial Corporation can keep it moving smoothly throughout your facility to the loading dock.

We design and manufacture machinery and equipment to manage to speed, flow, volume and orientation of cases and packs.

We Design case packers and case pack inspectors you can depend on to make sure your product arrives at its destination as expected.

An Alliance Industrial Case Spiral Conveyor

Case Spiral Conveyor

Our case spiral conveyor can be built to incline or decline. Custom chain pitches & radiuses and multiple infeed/discharge levels are available.

An Alliance Industrial Case Palletizer

Case Palletizer

The Case Palletizer forms full cases into layers and stacks the layers onto pallets ready to be moved to storage or shipped to your customers.

An Alliance Industrial Alpine Conveyor

Alpine / Multiflex Conveyor

The Alpine Conveyor transports product from one elevation to another and can also provide a large area for accumulation.

An Alliance Industrial Case Switch

Case Switch

Combines the function of our Lane Changers with the principles of our Continuous Motion Diverters to create a high speed lane changer.

An Alliance Industrial Dynamic Transfer

Dynamic Transfers

Dynamic Transfers change direction of product flow 90° without using flex chain. We use line pressure along curved guides from one chain to another.

An Alliance Industrial Lane Changer

Lane Changers

Lane Changers redirect full and empty cases, shells, and loose product across multiple conveyor lanes and can combine or distribute product flows.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Elevator

Side Grip Elevators/Lowerators

Side-grip elevators and lowerators lift or lower items over a short run where the item would slip or fall on a standard conveyor incline or decline.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Over-The-End Transfer

Side-Grip OTE Transfer

Side-Grip Over-the-End Transfers clear down product or debris by gripping the side to transfer items, allowing scrap to flow into a handling system.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Walk-Through

Side-Grip Walk-Thru

Walk-Thrus provide a path to move across a facility by carrying product overhead to create a pathway tall and wide enough for staff or forktrucks.

A vertical case elevator

Vertical Case Elevator

raises cartons or cases vertically providing a method of moving production levels in the smallest space possible.