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Belt-Spacer Device

Alliance Industrial builds bolt-on belt spacers / metering devices for use on new or existing lines. The belt spacer is used to create a gap between products running on a single chain. The belt spacer is ideal for situations where using multiple chains running at different speeds to create a gap is undesirable or not an option. A common use for our belt spacers is on single file conveyor prior to inspection machines. We can build belt spacers to fit on existing conveyor, and they are adjustable for a range of product widths. More...

Brake & Meter Belts

Our brake and metering modules are suitable for many applications in your operation. For applications requiring a consistent gap between cases and packs, such as infeeding a robotic palletizer, we have developed metering modules utilizing friction-topped chains. These units run at a higher speed than the conveyor feeding them and which causes the friction-top chain to pull a gap between products. We also build brake modules for applications where you want to stop the flow of product without stopping your entire line. Brake modules allow you stop line flow, while keeping the rest of the line running. The friction-top chain prevents cases and packs from pushing across the module until the module is started back up. More...