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Case Brake, Gap & Metering

We design, manufacture and install spacing and metering devices for production lines that ensure the proper spacing and gapping of items as they flow through the process.

This includes modules to manage product flow for case packing and infeeds as well as managing flow for cases and packs themselves for palletizing and off loading.

Belt-Spacer Device

Alliance Industrial builds bolt-on belt spacers / metering devices for use on new or existing lines. The belt spacer creates a gap between products running on a single chain and is ideal for situations where using multiple chains running at different speeds to create a gap is undesirable or not an option.

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Brake & Meter Belts

Our brake and metering modules are suitable applications requiring a consistent gap between cases and packs, such as infeeding a robotic palletizer. We also build brake modules for applications where you want to stop the flow of product without stopping your entire line.

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