Case Conveyors

Case conveyors use modular plastic chain or belt, roller chain, or live rollers to transfer cases point-to-point on production lines.

We can design case conveyors in a myriad of ways to custom tailor the materials, layout, capacity and throughput to a facility's requirments.

An Alliance Industrial Case Conveyor

Case Conveyor

Case conveyors move cases and packs point-to-point through production lines for packing, palletizing and off-loading.

An Alliance Industrial Dual Drag Chain Accumulation Conveyor

Dual Drag Chain Accumulation Conveyor

Allows completed cases and packs to amass for palletization or off-loading.

An Alliance Industrial Live Roller Conveyor

Live Roller Conveyor

Live or active roller conveyors use rollers that are motor-driven usually by chain or belt, and are a low maintenance transportation solution.

An Alliance Industrial Alpine Conveyor

Alpine / Multiflex Conveyor

The Alpine Conveyor transports product from one elevation to another and can also provide a large area for accumulation.