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Case & Pack Moving Solutions

We design and manufacture machinery to handle cases and packs as they move through your production lines from packing, to palletizing, to shipping.

We build equipment to ensure that cases flow smoothly and accumulate at the rate your production requires. We have switches, transfers, elevators and lowerators to direct packages based on your specific production challenges.

Alpine / Multiflex Conveyor

The Alpine Conveyor serves dual roles in your production lines - it transports product from one elevation to another, and can also provide a large area for accumulation to help you manage line flow. Our Multiflex alpines offers additional options for specific applications.

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Case Spiral Conveyor

The Case Spiral Conveyor transports cases vertically in either an inclining or declining direction with a smaller footprint than an alpine conveyor.  Alliance Industrial Corp. has developed custom-designed, side-flexing chain that allows our conveyors to handle virtually any product.  We also design units to handle mass flow product, such as nested bottles and small containers.

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Case Switch

The Alliance Industrial Case Switch combines the function of our Lane Changers with the design principles of our Continuous Motion Diverters to create a lane changing machine that can run continuously at high rates of speed. The Case Switch distributes cases to multiple lines of conveyor based on downstream demand without having to stop product flow to switch lanes.

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Dynamic Transfers

Dynamic Transfers provide a 90° change of direction in product flow without using flex chain. The product is pushed by line pressure along a curved guide from one chain onto another chain running perpendicular to the previous chain.

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High-Speed Case Rotator

Our High Speed Case Rotator will turn your product case 90° to facilitate any downstream handling of the case such as overwrapping. The Alliance system uses servo controls for accurate, precise control over your package with guaranteed repeatability. Please contact us for more information.

Inclines & Declines

Alliance Industrial offers incline and decline conveyors designed to handle cases and packs that eliminate slippage. Our use of friction chain prevents product from slipping while traveling up or down an incline, and it allows us to stop the conveyor and start again without causing product to slip.

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Lane Changers

Lane Changers can redirect full cases, empty cases, shells, and loose product across multiple lanes of conveyor. A Lane Changer can be used to combine multiple infeed lanes into a single discharge lane or distribute a single infeed lane to multiple discharge lanes.

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Side Grip Elevators/Lowerators

Our Sidegrip Lowerators and Elevators are used to carry product from one elevation at infeed to a different elevation at discharge. Elevators discharge at a higher elevation than they infeed, while Lowerators discharge at a lower elevation than they infeed.

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Side Grip OTE Transfer

Our Side Grip Over-the-End Transfers provide a conveyor line a place to clear out down or broken product and loose debris from the conveyor chain by gripping from the side to lift the item for transfer and allowing the conveyor to flow debris into a scrap handling system.

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Side Grip Walk-Thru

Our Walk-Thrus provide customers a way to improve movement across their facility. The Walk-Thru carries product overhead, creating a pathway tall and wide enough for facility staff or even forktrucks to pass underneath.

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Tilted Slow-Down Modules

Our Tilted Slow Down Modules are used to help our customers smoothly change product flow from single file to mass flow. Slow Down Modules consist of a series of chains running at successively slower speeds. We frequently tilt our slow down modules to minimize pressure as the product nests.

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Vertical Case Elevator

The Case Elevator raises cartons or cases vertically providing a method of moving production levels in the smallest space possible. This unit accommodates carton or case sizes according to customer specifications at up to 15 packages per minute.

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