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Trash and Scrap Handling for Case Lines

Different packing materials for different products all tend to produce their own type of scraps and debris presenting a variety of challenges to keeping your lines flowing at their peak produciton.

We engineer both powered and non-powered solutions to rid lines of trash from cases and other production materials and minimize or eliminate downtime due to debris accumulation.

"S" Chutes For Trash Removal

Our "S" chutes give you an automatic and maintenance free method for emptying debris and dry trash from your plastic shells.This method requires no power or operators, only a change in line elevation.

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Side Grip OTE Transfer

Our Side Grip Over-the-End Transfers provide a conveyor line a place to clear out down or broken product and loose debris from the conveyor chain by gripping from the side to lift the item for transfer and allowing the conveyor to flow debris into a scrap handling system.

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