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Case Palletizer

The Alliance Industrial Case Palletizer is the last stop on your production lines. It takes full cases, forms them into layers, and stacks the layers onto pallets, ready to be moved to storage or shipped to your customers. The Case Palletizer is available in a variety of infeed and discharge directions, and in left and right hand models. It comes with numerous safety features, such as a light curtain at the sweep. Several options are offered, including a built-in pallet dispenser and an operator touch-screen interface. More...

Pallet Conveyor

Our pallet conveyor is built to maximize durability and function with minimal maintenance. Our pallet conveyor can be built to handle both standard and metric pallet sizes, and can be built to convey pallets using either roller chains or live rollers. More...

Pallet Stackers/Dispensers

Our Pallet Stackers work in conjunction with your new or existing depalletizers to simplify your depalletizing operation. Our Pallet Dispensers are used with palletizers to automate the palletizing process. Our Pallet Stacker and Dispensers eliminate the need to have dedicated operators constantly loading and unloading depalletizers and palletizers. Our units also making your operation simpler both allowing the use of forktrucks to quickly load our dispensers and unload our stackers. More...