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Side Grip Elevators/Lowerators

Our Sidegrip Lowerators and Elevators are used to carry product from one elevation at infeed to a different elevation at discharge. Elevators discharge at a higher elevation than they infeed, while Lowerators discharge at a lower elevation than they infeed. All units are built with on-the-fly adjustment for varying product widths using a hand lever. We can build an Elevator or Lowerator to whatever elevation requirements you have. They may be simple in concept and purpose, but our units will give you rock solid performance day after day. More...

Side Grip OTE Transfer

The purpose of our Side Grip Over-the-End Transfers is to provide a conveyor line a place to clear out down or broken product and loose debris from the conveyor chain. A common application is to use the over-the-end transfer on a glass line downstream of a bottle squeezer. Good bottles pass through the squeezer and are carried across the gap, while defective bottles shatter and the broken glass goes over the end of the conveyor and into cullet conveyor for recycling. More...

Side Grip Walk-Thru

Our Walk-Thrus provide customers a way to improve movement across their facility.  The Walk-Thru carries product overhead, creating a pathway tall and wide enough for facility staff or even forktrucks to pass underneath.  Several units can be used in conjunction to create aisleways that run the length of a facility.  The Walk-Thru is adjustable on-the-fly for varying product dimensions, making job changes quick and easy. More...