Glass Manufacturing & Handling Equipment

Alliance Industrial Corporation has decades of knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing conveyors and machinery for glass manufacturing.

We develop machinery to handle glass from raw materials infeeding to completed glass product case packing. We can handle hot glass needs such as lehr unloading through quality inspection and broken glass recycling. We have tier forming devices, sterilizers and bottle capping equipment.

An Alliance Industrial Continuous Motion Diverter

Continuous Motion Diverter

The Continuous Motion Diverter shifts product from a one lane into multiple lanes at line speed. It is ideal for feeding multiple downstream machines.

An Alliance Industrial Belt Spacer Device

Belt-Spacer Device

Our bolt-on belt-spacers/metering devices for new or existing lines ensure properly metered flow or create a gap between products on a single chain.

An Alliance Industrial Glass Tier Forming Device

Bulk Glass Tier Forming

The Alliance Industrial Tier Forming Device builds tiers of loose glass product in preparation for palletizing by another machine, typically a robot.

An Alliance Industrial Lighted Inspection Station

Lighted Inspection Stations

Our lighted inspection stations are used to provide manufacturers a way to check glass bottles for any imperfections that may otherwise be missed.

An Alliance Industrial Cullet Conveyor

Cullet Conveyor

The cullet conveyor is a trough-style conveyor that uses heavy duty belting to recycle bad bottles and broken glass or remove debris.

An Alliance Industrial Lehr Unloader

Lehr Unloader

Our Lehr Unloaders come with a variety of options to give glass houses more control over their lines from the moment glass enters the "cold end".

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Elevator

Side Grip Elevators/Lowerators

Side-grip elevators and lowerators lift or lower items over a short run where the item would slip or fall on a standard conveyor incline or decline.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Air Rinser

Side-Grip Air Rinser

The Air Rinser cleans empty containers with blasts of ionized air, blowing out foreign materials, while eliminating static build-up that traps debris.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Bottle Rinser

Side Grip Bottle Sterilizer

The Bottle Sterilizer is used on hot fill lines to ensure that the newly filled bottles are fully sterilized before they are packaged for shipping.

An Alliance Industrial Single-File Spiral Conveyor

Single-File Spiral Conveyor

Our single-file and narrow-track spirals can move products verticallyin a very tight diameter and small footprint. Our mini-spiral measures only 44".

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Over-The-End Transfer

Side-Grip OTE Transfer

Side-Grip Over-the-End Transfers clear down product or debris by gripping the side to transfer items, allowing scrap to flow into a handling system.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Walk-Through

Side-Grip Walk-Thru

Walk-Thrus provide a path to move across a facility by carrying product overhead to create a pathway tall and wide enough for staff or forktrucks.

An Alliance Industrial Star-Wheel Spacer Device

Starwheel Spacer Devices

Alliance Industrial designs stand-alone or bolt-on starwheel spacer devices for use in situations where a precise gap is desired between products.