Air Conveyor

Air conveyors use pneumatic pressure to transport products that require special handling such as PET bottles.

Our Air Conveyors will arrive pre-assembled with blowers mounted and supports fabricated to your specified elevation. Your custom conveyor will be engineered for your application, not pulled from a shelf with "cut to fit conveyor or legs".

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel neck registered to accommodate various bottle sizes
  • Adjustable transitions to handle various bottle heights on & off conveyor
  • Hepa filters

Options Include:

  • Dual position pneumatically operated neck guides for straight runs & curves - no change parts required!
  • Pneumatically operated side body guides
  • Pneumatically operated neck drop out guides

Types Of Modules:

  • Single & dual plenum empty PET bottle air conveyor
  • High speed switches
  • Inclines & declines
  • Thin line sections
  • Dividers & combiners