Bulk Palletizer

The Bulk Palletizer will palletize a broad range of containers at load heights up to 110" and at speeds up to three layers per minute and is built to handle the ever changing demands of glass and PET manufacturing.

The Alliance Industrial Bulk Palletizer is designed to bring a new level of efficiency and reliability to your production line. This flexible, rugged palletizer combines Alliance's durable quality and design expertise with the latest developments in bulk palletizing technology.

  • Main Hoist with Positive Guidance, Layer Squaring Assembly. Speed Control via VFD, Two Pallet Sheet Grippers, Three Layer Sheet Grippers, Pallet Squaring Assembly and a Cantilevered Design for Heavy Load Support.
  • Layer Sweep Assembly with Adjustable Pattern Bar, Sweep Clutch, Layer Compression and Speed Control via VFD.
  • Automatic Placement of Tier Sheets and Top Frames with a Tier Sheet/Top Frame Assembly with Low Supply Monitoring.
  • Accumulation Conveyor utilizes 48" wide MatTop® Chains (or Three 16" Wide Chains for No Dead Plate "Chain-to-Chain" Bottle Infeed, Speed Control via VFD, Automatic Nest Agitator and an Overhead Line Brake.
  • Controls are Allen-Bradley PLC and VFD with Allen-Bradley PanelView and User Friendly Graphics and Access to Set-up Screens, Timers, Motor Speeds and other Machine Functions.
  • Automatic Pallet Dispenser available with Manual Controls, Empty Pallet Staged Prior to Hoist and Low Pallet Supply Monitoring.