Infinitely Adjustable Body Guides

Imagine pressing one button on your HMI screen... Now watch the entire line smoothly, and accurately, self-adjust to your next product size! By utilizing our design on Air and Case Conveyor your personnel will no longer have to climb on dangerous ladders to make time-critical adjustments, reducing changeover time tremendously!

Available in all new Air and Case Conveyor installations and also as a kit to retrofit your existing lines. Our Patent Pending design is specifically engineered to give you maximum adjustment from a minimum amount of actuators and give you total control over your line from your HMI station!

The heart of the system utilizes IP67 rated Linear Actuators with our Patent Pending adjustment system.

  • The actuators are PLC controlled for precise accuracy, providing absolute control for the user.
  • The simplicity and robustness of design ensures the Infinitely Adjustable Body Guides require very little maintenance.
  • Remote communications to the PLC and 120 vac drop from the existing, or new, control system is all that is required to make this system functional.

Add to your bottom line by changing to our Infinitely Adjustable Body Guides Today!

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