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Our Pallet Stackers work in conjunction with your new or existing depalletizers to simplify your depalletizing operation. Empty pallets from a depalletizer are carried into the unit by roller chain. The pallet comes to stop above an elevator powered by an airbag. When the pallet is in position, the airbag lifts the elevator and carries the pallet up and through hinged supports. The airbag deflates and the pallet rests on the hinged supports, while the elevator is ready for another pallet. The next pallet repeats the process, pushing the previous pallet(s) up and adding a new pallet to the bottom of the stack. When the stacker is full, it can be unloaded by forktruck.

Our Pallet Dispensers are used with palletizers to automate the palletizing process. A stack of empty pallets is loaded into the unit and is setting on roller chain. When a pallet is needed, moving prongs secure the stack of pallets just above the bottom pallet and lift the stack. The roller chain starts up and pulls the bottom pallet out of the dispenser. When the pallet clears the dispenser, the prongs lower the stack back onto the roller conveyer, release the stack, and move into position to secure the stack again when needed.

Our Pallet Stacker and Dispensers eliminate the need to have dedicated operators constantly loading and unloading depalletizers and palletizers. Our units also making your operation simpler both allowing the use of forktrucks to quickly load our dispensers and unload our stackers.