Side-Grip Devices

Side-grip devices can be used when an elevation change is needed over a relatively short run, or a transfer that allows for scrap or debris to continue being handled by the conveyor surface is required.

Side-Grip elevators and lowerators can grip cases by the sides to lift or lower them in a configuration that does not require the speed or volume of a spiral, but needs to perform the operation in a short enough run where the case would slip on a standard conveyor incline or decline.

The side grip action can be used to create "walk-thrus" or underpasses that allow access to other line sections for staff or machinery.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Elevator

Side Grip Elevators/Lowerators

Side-grip elevators and lowerators lift or lower items over a short run where the item would slip or fall on a standard conveyor incline or decline.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Over-The-End Transfer

Side-Grip OTE Transfer

Side-Grip Over-the-End Transfers clear down product or debris by gripping the side to transfer items, allowing scrap to flow into a handling system.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Walk-Through

Side-Grip Walk-Thru

Walk-Thrus provide a path to move across a facility by carrying product overhead to create a pathway tall and wide enough for staff or forktrucks.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Air Rinser

Side-Grip Air Rinser

The Air Rinser cleans empty containers with blasts of ionized air, blowing out foreign materials, while eliminating static build-up that traps debris.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Drive Spiral Conveyor

Side-Drive Spiral Conveyor

Our side-drive spiral is Super Sanitary allowing direct food contact on the Intralox chain. It is highly configurable and customizable to your needs.

An Alliance Industrial Side-Grip Bottle Rinser

Side Grip Bottle Sterilizer

The Bottle Sterilizer is used on hot fill lines to ensure that the newly filled bottles are fully sterilized before they are packaged for shipping.