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Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors help maintain continuity in your production process by reducing transfers when you need to move materials vertically in multi-level operations.

At Alliance Industrial Corporation, we design, manufacture and install spiral conveyors for many materials in multiple configurations. Our spirals can move mass and bulk materials, cases, or single file products quickly and efficiently so you can make the most of your floor space.

Alliance Industrial Reaches New Heights

Alliance Industrial Corporation reaches new heights with this custom designed 27' tall, continuous-chain spiral conveyor. Using our exclusive spiral chain and decades of industry expertise, we're able to provide you with custom spirals for a wide variety of applications. View Media 

Case Spiral Conveyor

Our case spiral conveyor can be built to incline or decline. Custom chain pitches & radiuses and multiple infeed/discharge levels are available.

Mass Spiral Conveyor

Our two-part chain has easy maintanance top flights which are manufactured to minimize friction and improve product transfer in and out of the spiral.

Single-File Spiral Conveyor

Our single-file and narrow-track spirals can move products verticallyin a very tight diameter and small footprint. Our mini-spiral measures only 44".

Side-Drive Spiral Conveyor

Our side-drive spiral is Super Sanitary allowing direct food contact on the Intralox chain. It is highly configurable and customizable to your needs.