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Materials Flow Management

Alliance Industrial Corporation designs and manufactures production line machinery and materials handling equipment to manage product and cases for packing.

Our ever-expanding line of combiners, dividers, diverters, speed controls and guides ensures that we can develop a solution for even the most difficult to manage products and cases. Speak to one of our engineers about your most challenging production issues.

Accumulation Table

Our Accumulation Tables provides customers with a solution to problems stemming from excess product on their conveyor systems. The Accumulation Table provides an area for product to accumulate in the event of a downstream slowdown, jam, or machine error, giving operators time to correct problems without forcing a total line shutdown.

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Alpine / Multiflex Conveyor

The Alpine Conveyor serves dual roles in your production lines - it transports product from one elevation to another, and can also provide a large area for accumulation to help you manage line flow. Our Multiflex alpines offers additional options for specific applications.

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Continuous Motion Diverter

The Continuous Motion Diverter shifts product from a one lane into multiple lanes at line speed. It is ideal for feeding multiple downstream machines, such as inspection machines or labelers. The Continuous Motion Diverter can handle unstable products that traditionally pose problems for lane diverters at high speeds, such as reverse-tapered and non-round bottles.

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Divider Module

The Demand Divider separates mass product into two single file lines prior to inspection or for further processing. Multiple chains running sequentially higher speeds pull product apart, while low-friction rails prevent downed product.

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Dual Drag Chain Accumulation Conveyor

A case accumulation conveyor allows completed cases and packs of product to amass for palletization or off-loading. Alliance Industrial is pleased to offer its accumulation conveyor for cases and packs that does not require stopping chains and does not damage the finish on your cases or packs.

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Dynamic Transfers

Dynamic Transfers provide a 90° change of direction in product flow without using flex chain. The product is pushed by line pressure along a curved guide from one chain onto another chain running perpendicular to the previous chain.

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Infinitely Adjustable Body Guides

Infinitely Adjustable Body Guides allow production line controllers to adjust product guides for varying product sizes automatically. With the press of a button on an HMI screen the entire line can smoothly and accurately, self-adjust to the next product size.

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Low Pressure Combiners and Recombiners

Our Low Pressure Combiners and Recombiners form mass flow product into a single-file line for entry into machinery that requires a single-file flow. They consist of a series of chains running at successively higher speeds to smoothly combine product.

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Powered Combiner Rail

Our powered combiner rails (or powered guide rails) are used to eliminate back pressure in a combiner module caused by product dragging along guide rails. They consist of a complete drive and idle end assembly and drive unit suspended by bridgework over a combiner.

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Tilted Slow-Down Modules

Our Tilted Slow Down Modules are used to help our customers smoothly change product flow from single file to mass flow. Slow Down Modules consist of a series of chains running at successively slower speeds. We frequently tilt our slow down modules to minimize pressure as the product nests.

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