Bulk And Mass Conveyor

Bulk materials or loose product conveyors move production line loads point-to-point through the various stages of production. They can be designed using a variety of modes of conveyance at varying speeds determined by your production needs.

At Alliance Industrial Corporation we design and develop bulk/loose product conveyors customized to handle your specific product, regardless to shape or size.

We have manufactured lines to run products ranging from glass bottles to paper plates to cans of motor oil.

Our loose product conveyor utilizes modular plastic chain or belt, which provides you with the advantages of longer life cycles, no tracking issues, and ease of maintenance.

A variety of design options are available, including stainless steel and mild steel, frame construction type, chain type, and much more.

Explore available modules below

An Alliance Industrial Accumulation Table

Accumulation Table

We design, manufacture and install accumulation tables that solve problems of excess product or materials on conveyor systems and production lines.

An Alliance Industrial Lehr Unloader

Lehr Unloader

Our Lehr Unloaders come with a variety of options to give glass houses more control over their lines from the moment glass enters the "cold end".

An Alliance Industrial Divider

Divider Module

The Demand Divider pulls mass product apart while beaded low-friction rails divide it into two single-file lines for inspection or further processing.

An Alliance Industrial Dynamic Transfer

Dynamic Transfers

Dynamic Transfers change direction of product flow 90° without using flex chain. We use line pressure along curved guides from one chain to another.

An Alliance Industrial Case Packer Infeed

Case Packer Infeeds

Our case packer infeeds use multiple beaded rail guides with nosebars to minimize friction, reduce backpressure, and quickly separate mass product.

An Alliance Industrial Lane Changer

Lane Changers

Lane Changers redirect full and empty cases, shells, and loose product across multiple conveyor lanes and can combine or distribute product flows.

An Alliance Industrial Low Pressure Combiner

Low Pressure Combiners

Our Low Pressure Combiners and Recombiners form mass flow product into a single-file line for entry into machinery that requires a single-file flow.

An Alliance Industrial Powered Combiner Rail

Powered Combiner Rail

Powered combiner rails or powered guide rails are used to eliminate back pressure in a combiner module caused by product dragging along guide rails.

An Alliance Industrial Titled Slowdown Module

Tilted Slow-Down Modules

Our Tilted Slow Down Modules are used to smoothly change product flow from single-file to mass flow while separating downed product into a collector.

An Alliance Industrial Alpine Conveyor

Alpine / Multiflex Conveyor

The Alpine Conveyor transports product from one elevation to another and can also provide a large area for accumulation.